EDC Trauma Kits

If you conceal carry, do you carry medical gear.  How much crap can you really stuff in your pockets?  What is the minimal amount of medical gear can you carry and still have something useful?

Here is my solution:

QuickClot Combat Gauze:  This is a Z-folded hemostatic dressing.  Basically the z-fold makes it easier to pack into a wound, and the hemostatic agent helps clotting.  It’s that simple.

Little safety cutter:  This allows the removal of seatbelts, clothes and other entanglements.  This is a lot safer then using your pocket knife, and weighs almost nothing.

Mini Trauma Bandage:  This is a small bandage that uses elastic only, has no pressure bar and it shorter than most.  It’s not as good as a Israeli or OLAES, but it’s pocketable.

Flat Packed Duct Tape:  This can be used for a chest seal with some of the plastic packaging above, or to reenforce the above bandage.  You can use an old hotel card or just fold it on itself.

Tourni-kwik 4L Compression Strap:  This is not a great tourniquet, but it can be deployed one-handed, wide enough to help prevent nerve damage and small enough for our minimal load out.  It does not have a windless, so getting enough compression my be difficult.  It can be used to reenforce the mini trauma bandage if needed.

Nitrile Gloves:  Your patient may have a latex allergy.  Gloves are there to protect you and them.  They take up virtually no space.