The Makarov


imageThis simple, heavy reliable pistol is a great stash pistol or just a fun range toy, but as a CCW pistol it falls pretty short.  It’s heavier then a S&W shield, being made of all steel and it’s 9mm Makarov (9x18mm) round is no equal to the 9mm Luger (9x19mm) around.  It’s a fixed barrel blow back which might make it theoretically more accurate, but this is reduced by the crappy sights and the long SA/DA trigger for the first critical shot.  It is a fantastic piece of history that would not leave you feeling unarmed, with a safety that works the correct way and a fantastic selection of  holsters and accessories.  It’s heel mounted magazine release is not what I would consider as big a negative as most, it does prevent accidentally releasing the magazine of you lean against or bump the traditional ‘Mercian release.