Rooney of the South Blount Street Crew

Had a good morning with Rooney and Tony.  ‘Merica!!!  It was a great morning, we had a chance to shoot a variety of firearms, and enjoy a beautiful morning outside.

M1 Carbine (with bluemix sticker on the magazine)
Glock 17
WW2 Garand (How is that shoulder feeling
Ruger Suppressed .22LR
Smith and Wesson Shield
Ruger LCP II



Tony giving Rooney just a little instruction.  Rooney did awesome, who knew he was Annie Oakley in a former life.  Look at the suppressed AR-15…….



Rooney on the CZ-75

Rooney, why do you hate LEGO man? The inhumanity

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Rooney goes Suppressed with an AR-15