VOK/IFAK Trauma Kit

wpid-index-2012-04-19-18-32.jpgI put together a group buy for a group I was involved in during the summer of 2010, from Chinook Medical.

The kit was optimized for cost, size and shelf life, so you will notice the conspicuous lack of hemostatic agent and better tourniquet.  The kit fits in a cargo pocket and was put together for $25.  It was vacuum packed with a kitchen vacuum packing machine and should have a near infinite shelf live and it also prevent the owner from raiding the kit for non-emergencies, keeping it intact.  Duct tape was wrapped on business card which allowed it to be flat, and was cheaper that buying mini rolls.

This kit is very close to the “Tactical Response Gear – V.O.K. – Ventilated Operator Kit” tat sells for the very reasonably priced cost of $40 and includes a 14ga x 3 ¼ Catheter for those trained in it use in chest decompression.  If I need a kit or two, I would just purchase them from Tactical Response, but if want them for a group or desire to customize them doing it yourself is the way to go and not difficult.

The Standard Kit we put together contains:

  • Tourni-Kwik TK-4 Combat Tourniquet
  • 6″ Israeli Emergency Bandage
  • 2 PriMed Compressed Gauze Bandage
  • 30FR Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • Pair of Latex Free Gloves
  • Packet of Surgical Lube
  • 8’ Duct Tape
  • Safety Pin
  • Triage Card/Pencil
  • EMT Shears external to the package, might be need to open the vacuum pack.

Current Prices as of 02/05/2012

05157     Tourni-Kwik TK-4 Combat Tourniquet               $5.55
05149     SOF Tactical Tourniquet                                 $27.17

Trauma Bandage
05176     Olaes Modular Bandage, 6″                             $7.45
05131     6″ Israeli Emergency Bandage                        $6.01

Wound Packing
05143     2 PriMed Compressed Gauze Bandage (or Z-pack)        2x$1.45
05156     2 Z-PAK Gauze Dressing                                           2x$1.89

Chest Wound/Air Way Stuff
03682     Duct Tape, 2″ x 5 yd (can roll/fold your own from a larger roll) $2.55 or Free
12099     HALO Seals                                                      $16.59
02120PA  30FR Nasopharyngeal Airway                              $3.67

Other Items
01202       EMT Shears – 7.5″      (Not vacuum packed)       $1.90
99804 50 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves     $9.00

Hemostatics (optional)

If you look at the minimum (prices in bold) for a trauma bandage , 2 packing gauzes, TK-4 Tourniquet, EMT Shears, fold your own Duct Tape and 1 pair of free gloves, you are in about $17+S&H.